Legendary and Luxurious Playboy Mansion Sells For Record-Breaking Price

Legendary and Luxurious Playboy Mansion Sells For Record-Breaking Price

The Charing Cross Road luxury estate, which was to a great extent thought to be an unattainable residence, sold for $100 million, the most noteworthy cost ever paid for a Los Angeles home as indicated by the Los Angeles Times.


The Playboy Mansion Sells For A Record $100 Million

The crown jewel of L.A.’s “Platinum Triangle” situated on 5 picturesque acres in Holmby Hills, The Playboy Mansion is a nearly 20,000 square foot residence that is both an ultra-private retreat and the ultimate setting for large-scale entertaining. The Mansion features 29 rooms and every amenity imaginable, including a… Read more at The Agency

The 21,987 square-feet legendary Gothic-Tudor style luxury estate was sold to next-door neighbor Daren Metropoulos for $100 million.

Though Daren agreed that previous owner and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner can reside and stay there until the day he dies.


Playboy Mansion officially sold for $100million but Hugh Hefner gets to live there until he dies

Daren, whose father is billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos, bought the home next door to the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles for $18 million in 2009. He said Hefner’s home had a “rich and storied legacy” and is a… Read more at Mirror.co.uk

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