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6 04, 2017

Marmol Radziner’s Modern L.A. Luxury Home Design Marvel

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California luxury home designer, Marmol Radziner, has a new luxury home masterpiece and it’s up for sale for $6.5 million. The 4,775 sq.ft. luxury home design incorporates glass and was completed in June.

Light-capturing design

Design Firm Marmol Radziner’s Must-See Modern Marvel in Los Angeles

To enter the angular two-story home, you must first pass through a courtyard set between the gate and the front door. It’s an architectural flourish employed to inspire a sense of reflection and homecoming… Read more at

Marmol Radziner is an award-winning architectural design firm which designs luxury homes. It’s been prized by the likes of Tom Ford, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Trina Turk and James Perse.

868 Leonard Road

Sited on an idyllic Brentwood cul-de-sac, this newly constructed California Modern was beautifully conceived by Marmol Radziner to blend effortlessly into the hillside topography by way of native materials and flawless design… See it here

11 01, 2017

Diditan Luxury Home Builders Sherman Oaks 5 Star Review by Maurice B.

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Checkout this 5 Star Review by Maurice B.

New 5 Star Rating

I worked with Diditan Builders. They were absolutely amazing! The firm knew exactly what to do when it comes to home building.

Arie Abekasis and his team directed and guided me at every step of the way. Home renovations are hard and riddled with fraud and frustration, but not with Diditan!

These people know the business and don’t play around!

Diditan Builders are a rare jewel in the real estate industry.

About Diditan Group:…

To view our portfolio of luxury homes:

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Diditan Custom Home Builders
5632 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite #305
Sherman Oaks CA

The Diditan Group constructs custom homes and multi-unit properties in Miracle Mile, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Encino, North Hollywood, Palm Springs and Greater Los Angeles area.

2 11, 2016

Underground Los Angeles Mansion Is No Prepper Palace

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Hacienda de la Paz estate

A work of art perched high above LA with unobstructed 180-degree views stretching from Santa Monica Bay, the Westside, and Downtown L.A. to the San Gabriel Mountains

Hacienda De La Paz

Listed by Christophe Choo of Coldwell Banker Previews International in Beverly Hills at $48 million.

Hacienda de la Paz is an awe-inspiring work of art and engineering. Positioned in L.A.’s preeminent equestrian community, the authentic Spanish estate is the only U.S. residence designed by world-renowned architect Rafael Manzano Martos. 17 years in the making, this private palace is perched 1100 ft. above L.A. at the crest of the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the 24 hr. guard-gated city of Rolling Hills; one of the safest and wealthiest cities in America.

Breathtaking and unencumbered 180-degree panoramic vistas encompass the beaches, downtown and the San Gabriel Mountains. Amenities include a 10,000 sq. ft. hamam spa fit for a king, 15,000 sq. ft. neoclassical grand ballroom, 2 tennis courts; indoor hard court & outdoor clay court, 2 swimming pools; indoor & outdoor, access to 57 miles of equestrian & hiking trails, guesthouse, bocce court, gym, yoga room, wine cellar, catering facilities, geothermal heating & cooling system, elevators, 6 car garage and motor court. Approx. 8 acres.

Hacienda de la Paz is the most misunderstood mansion in Los Angeles. When people hear that 31,000 of its 51,000 total square feet are underground, they assume it’s a bizarrely built bomb shelter. Not so, dear reader. But there is a pragmatic reason for its subterranean sprawl: local politics.

The estate is located in one of the wealthiest suburbs of L.A., a gated hilltop called Rolling Hills, where zoning restrictions prohibit homes taller than one story, so as not to block pristine ocean views.

To comply, owner John Z. Blazevich spent 17 years excavating downward to create his dream estate, which includes nine bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, a guesthouse, two tennis courts, and two pools.

Envisioning an Andalusian-style country estate similar to those in Cordoba or Seville at the turn of last century, Blazevich hired architect Raphael Manzano Martos, who restored a number of Spain’s grand palaces and served as curator to Spain’s King Juan Carlos. The regal result is the only private residence Manzano Martos ever designed in the Americas.

Hacienda de la Paz gardens

There’s also a 10,000-square-foot underground hammam, or spa, and a 15,000-square-foot indoor tennis court that doubles as a ballroom.

Hacienda de la Paz hammam

Thousands of international craftsmen were employed to make the dream a reality, including one painter who lived and worked on-site for a decade. Three hundred Moroccan tribesmen worked on the intricately carved sandstone ceiling, archways, and capitals in the hammam. Artisans from Spain created the wooden interlocking ceilings, masons from Portugal worked on the limestone bricks in the driveways, and Spanish and Indian silk and wool experts wove the custom carpets.

For some people, the joy is in the process, not the product. Once his dream was gloriously complete down to the last Valencia orange tree, Blazevich put the 8-acre estate on the market. Listed for $53 million a few years ago, the asking price was dropped to $48 million a couple of weeks ago.

However, when you actually tour the grounds, as we did (covering only part of it over three hours), you begin to realize that it’s nearly impossible to put a price on it. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite features.

Everything the most committed foodie could desire

Blazevich is a seafood magnate, and his fiancée, Alexandra McLeod, graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. So Hacienda de la Paz is equipped with four kitchens and two kitchenettes; several outdoor food prep spaces, one with a pizza oven; facilities for pressing oil from olives harvested on the property; and more than 100 fruit trees, including lemons, oranges, avocados, figs, and, of course, olives. There’s also a large vegetable garden, and herbs are planted around the estate, even between the steppingstones, so their fragrance will rise to greet you as you stroll the grounds.


Iconic craftsmanship and artwork

There are many nods to the Catholic Church, but they are more artistic and whimsical than devotional. In the ladies’ guest bathroom on the ground floor there’s an ornately carved confessional door between two stalls, perfect for chatting. There’s also a chapel with hand-painted murals and a confessional, meant for reflection and meditation rather than ceremony. These features keep with the theme of a true Andalusian estate, which historically would have accommodated a priest in residence.

Surprisingly sustainable energy sources

Heating and cooling systems run on geothermal power, which also heats the hammam pool. Blazevich says he has reduced his energy bill and carbon dioxide emissions by 65%, compared with a conventional HVAC system. And because designers used the same classical techniques employed in Andalusia’s great estates—sturdy adobe walls and carved wooden screens covering most of the windows—the air-conditioning system is hardly ever used.

Hacienda de la Paz ballroom/tennis court
Ballroom and tennis court

A-list fundraising facilities

Millions of dollars have been raised at charity events held in the subterranean marble ballroom (which is also a tennis court) built into the side of the hill, which has vehicle access for deliveries and exotic autos to be displayed. The 10,000-square-foot hammam with whirlpools, massage rooms, and tearooms with silk-lined walls is perfect for “ladies’ day” fundraisers. The rest of the grounds can accommodate hundreds of people at a time.

Hacienda de la Paz guest bedroom
Guest bedroom

So with all these custom, luxurious features, why the heck would the owners want to part with it?

“It’s a little big for just the two of us, don’t you think?” Blazevich asks, explaining that now that his son has left the nest and the artisans have completed their work and gone home, the facilities don’t get used as much as they deserve. Blazevich and McLeod are ready to move on and spend more time with family in Croatia.

The property is so accommodating, a multitude of possible uses comes to mind: an arts retreat, a foundation headquarters, or perhaps the bastion of one of the world’s great families. We’ll keep you posted.


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11 05, 2016

The Appeal of Mega Mansions for Los Angeles Luxury Home Builders

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by Arie Abekasis

When news of the $500 million Niami mega mansion in Bel-air hit the real estate industry a year ago, developers and agents were stunned – this property was going to be a game-changer. Niami will be double the most expensive mansion sold on record in London.

niami mega mansionIt will also be 3.4x more expensive than the most expensive property ever sold in the United States, a $147 million East Hampton home sold to Barry Rosenstein. Once finished, it will be the largest and most expensive home built in the modern world. This mega mansion will also cement Nile Niami, the film producer and developer, as one of the largest home builders in the world.

Nile Niami has played well in the luxury Los Angeles home builders category for a while now. However, what makes his latest project mind-boggling is it’s almost seven times more expensive than his biggest recorded sale, a $70 million mansion sold to video game maker, Markuss Person. The project is so ambitious that it leaves many industry experts simultaneously incredulous and anticipatory of the final sale price (if and when it happens).

With its floor space exceeding 100,000 square fniami home theatreeet (over 2 miles), Niami mansion will be larger than the mammoth Windermere, Florida Versailles mansion that’s currently under construction. It will have its own casino, four swimming pools, and a 5,000 square foot master’s bedroom. The property will sit on its own hill and provide 360 degree views of Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles downtown area, the Pacific Ocean and San Fernando Valley.

Why Build Excessively Large on Spec Homes?

Sherman_Oaks-A_028_PoolLos Angeles home builders have enjoyed a boom in the luxury homes market in the last three decades. Records on the largest and most expensive homes sales keep getting broken. Just when the market thinks a listed home is too expensive for its own good, an eager buyer comes in and swiftly closes the deal. These series of high-ticket home sales have inspired more residential home builders to take risks with luxury on spec homes, or homes built without lined-up buyers.

Tastes just keep getting grander in the luxury market. Before, 20,000 square feet was already considered excessive. Nowadays, large home builders have many projects in the 50,000 square foot range. For perspective, that’s only 5,000 square feet shy of The White House’s 55,000 sq. ft. floor space.

The rich is also expected to get richer this year. Apparently the divide between the top and middle class has only widened. Real estate professionals have seen this in the high demand for homes in the $100,000 range and lower demand for those above $500,000. Residential 79085824home builders who have existing affordable housing developments are now reaping the rewards, while large home builders who have kept their developments focused on the luxury market are experiencing high inventories and longer holding periods.

interior_3-compressorHowever, on the flip side, those clients who can afford the largest home builders can decide to go substantially bigger. And this partially explains the willingness of home builders to take on even bigger on spec homes. If these large home builders ultimately win the sale on these mega mansions, they win staggeringly big.

Finally, mega mansions, such as the Niami, are not designed by residential home builders alone. Just as Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is a home and a pseudo hotel, these mega mansions are expected to be turned it into some form of a business, either partially or wholly. Niami’s primary Los Angeles home builders can see it as a possible venue space. And there is little doubt that it will be one of the most stunning venues in the entire country.

The Future of the Mega Mansion

tuscan-home-plan-projectGiven the improvement in the US economy and the increasing wealth of the already moneyed, Florida’s Versailles and Niami might not be the last of the new mega mansions from the largest home builders that we’ll hear about.

However, there probably won’t be a deluge of new construction anytime soon as well. There were only five mega mansions sold for above $100 million in 2014. And the listings for the properties above $350 million are still sitting longer waiting for a buyer.

Until the middle class’ income gap starts to inch closer to that of the top earners, the pool of clients for the mega mansions is not envisioned to grow substantially.

Realtors will be looking at the same pool of people to further upgrade their already luxuriously large properties. It is only when the middle class can upgrade their homes that the future of mega mansions can turn brighter than it ever has. Until then, the world can look to properties such as Niami to envision what that would look like.